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Download Hi-Res Lightning Strikes Photoshop Brushes Volume 1

Lightning 1
Designer: photoshopfreebrushes

Lightning strikes to the ground when black cloud covering the sky for preparing water to drop in. Glancing and flash white light increases above atmosphere to be so scary with the hard sound coming out form the lightning. At that moment the sky had full control to give something of warning for every creature on earth to prepare for sky`s surprises. Water falling from the sky featured by the sound of lightning is like a perfect duet from above to entertain every single creature which feels and touches the chemistry from this duet.
Lightning and and raining are indeed the best combination chemistry created by God which will always be giving what every creature needs. The light of lightning when striking the ground is a natural phenomenon and it always exists and presents when the water wants to drop in.
This phenomena really gives inspiration for creating and manifesting lightning in graphics either in animation picture or in photoshop. For photoshop specifically presents lightning brushes to give a natural art of painting in photograph. Hi-Res Lightning Strikes Photoshop Brushes Volume 1 is the one which will be the pioneer in making lightning comes to alive in photoshop.

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